KICK chairs are cool, hip, unique and very comfortable. For eating, reading, socializing, working, watching TV or just relaxing. From the dining table to the living room, a chair from KICK feels at home anywhere. Check out our great collection below!

Dining chairs

The dining room is a place where you spend a lot of time, for example over breakfast with your family or for a cosy dinner with friends. That's why you want to sit comfortably around the dining table. At KICK Collection, you'll find a wide range of dining chairs that are great to sit in. Our dining chairs are sturdy, modern and available in different colours. Choose, for example, dining chairs upholstered in white bouclé or pink velvet. Other options include dining chairs with cotton upholstery, chairs with or without armrests or dining chairs made of PU leather. We sell affordable matching chairs for every dining table.

Chairs with armrests

Do you have enough space at your dining table? Then you can choose dining chairs with armrests. These chairs are slightly wider and therefore require a bit more space, but also provide extra seating comfort. With less space, you can also choose to put chairs with armrests only at the head ends of the table. Chairs with armrests are not only suitable for the dining table, but are also a nice addition to the living room. This way, you provide extra seating when you have guests over or have a comfortable reading chair. Models like Monza or Tom are versatile and look good at the dining table as well as in the living room.


An armchair is a comfortable chair on which you can relax after a long day or read for hours. At KICK Collection you will find easy chairs in various styles and colours. Choose, for example, the Boaz model with a high backrest and armrests, giving you a great seat. The Lola and Beau models also have a comfortable backrest that is slightly lower, making the chairs look less large in the room. You choose cheerful colours like red or blue to make the armchair the eye-catcher in the room. Armchairs like Luna, Evi and Boaz have a striking design that fits well in a modern interior, for example.

Bar stools

A kitchen island or bar should have bar stools. Our comfortable bar stools make sure you can enjoy a drink at the bar or chat with the cook who is busy in the kitchen. Bar stools are higher than ordinary chairs and, thanks to the low back, you can easily slide them under the bar when not in use. In our range you will find bar stools with a low back, such as the Lenn or Jeff models. The back rest provides extra seating comfort. Prefer an extremely low back to slide the stool under a low bar? Then choose the Lily or Finn models.

Buying chairs for the garden

Chairs are not only needed indoors, but also in the garden you like to sit comfortably when the weather is nice. Comfortable garden chairs make you want to have lunch outside more often, play a game at the garden table or organise a cosy barbecue in the evening. Our garden chairs are made of materials that can withstand the elements, so you don't have to worry about the upholstery getting dirty. Garden chair Kyra has a chic look, while model Sol creates a cheerful atmosphere in the garden. Looking for a garden chair with a soft seat? Then model Otis is a good choice.


You add a footstool to your living room for several reasons. The footstool is a comfortable footstool while watching TV, can be used as a side table with a tray on top or offers extra seating when you have several guests over. In our range, you will find, for example, a pouf made of teddy fabric, a wonderfully soft material. This pouf is available in neutral colours like white and grey, but also in a

striking pink. The stool Duke is available in two versions: a higher stool with a smaller diameter or a lower stool with a larger diameter. Both models have a cool yet elegant look.

Bucket chairs

Bucket chairs are versatile chairs that can be recognised by their unique shape. As the name suggests, the chair is shaped like a bucket, with the seat and backrest blending into each other. At KICK Collection, you can buy affordable bucket chairs in a variety of colours and materials. For example, we sell bucket chairs made of velvet, bouclé or sturdy plastic. Striking colours like mint green or pink make the bucket seat a real eye-catcher, while a neutral colour ensures that other elements in the interior come to the fore.

Sets with several chairs

Do you need more than one new chair? For the dining table, for example, it might pay to buy a set with several affordable chairs. In our range, for example, you will find a set of six black bucket chairs that look great at a dining table. The dark colour creates a tough look or forms a nice contrast with a striking table. The Noor dining chairs are also available in sets of two. So you can decide whether to order two, four or six chairs for your dining table. Chairs at KICK Collection are always available individually, allowing you to mix and match.

Buying chairs at KICK Collection

At KICK Collection, you can buy affordable chairs in all shapes and sizes: from large armchairs to elegant swivel dining chairs and from sturdy garden chairs to soft poufs. All our chairs are available in multiple colours and often a type of chair is available in multiple materials. So you can choose a modern chair that suits your interior style. At KICK Collection you buy affordable chairs with unique designs, always with a hip and modern look. You can easily order the chair of your choice online.

What kind of chair are you looking for?

It is important to sit comfortably in your home, so choose a chair that makes you feel good. For example, choose a nice armchair in which you can relax or read a good book. Or would you prefer a trendy bar stool for the kitchen bar? Or maybe you are looking for an outdoor garden chair to sit in when the weather is nice? With us, it's all possible! We offer a unique collection of all types of chairs. Combine the chair you like with the colour (orange dining chairs or red dining chairs) that suits your interior. Of course, you can always combine different colours for a playful effect! Or choose chairs in the same colour and bring some peace into your interior.

Complete your interior

Besides various types of affordable chairs, we also offer other products. Complete your interior by combining a dining table with your selected dining chairs or vice versa. Or choose a nice cupboard that you can put in the dining room or living room, which in turn matches the chairs you like. In

addition, we also offer a number of sofas that can be combined beautifully with a nice armchair, for example. Take your time to look around our webshop and choose your favourites!

Need interior advice or have a burning question? If so, we are of course at your service. Drop by one of our showrooms or contact one of our interior advisers. We are happy to help!

We offer a unique collection at a fair price. Because we have direct contact with the factory, we can offer this. We have 50 points of sale in the Netherlands and Belgium, so it is always possible to visit a point of sale near you to admire Kick Collection chairs in real life.