Kick Points of Sale

Looking for a KICK point of sale in your area? View all our sales points below. Have a KICK item in mind? then we advise you to contact the relevant location to see if the item you want is actually available. Due to continuous sales, it can happen that items are no longer available.

Kick Shops XL

At the Kick Shops XL you can view and try out most of the Kick collection. See the map below.

  • Woondepot

    Twijnstraweg 2
    2941 BW Lekkerkerk
    T. 0180 - 66 56 44

  • Loods 5 Amersfoort

    Euroweg 1
    3825 HA Amersfoort
    T. 088-6550555

  • Loods 5 Sliedrecht

    Leeghwaterstraat 69
    3364 AE Sliedrecht
    T. 088-6550555

  • Loods 5 Zaandam

    Pieter Ghijsenlaan 14b
    1506 PV Zaandam
    T. 088-6550555

    Woonstore Capelle a/d IJssel

    Lylantse Baan 7
    2908 LG Capelle aan den IJssel
    T. 010-258 4200

  • Depot Zeven Hulst

    Industrieweg 2
    T. 0114- 38 8330


Kick Shops

At the Kick Shops you can view and try out parts of the Kick collection.

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