Coffee tables

We are known for our original designs. This is shown in our coffee tables, for example. Are you looking for a round coffee table, square coffee table or coffee table set? Kick has got your back! From durable mango wood to sturdy metal. You name it, we kick it.

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A nice coffee table completes your seating area

A nice coffee table is the perfect way to complete your seating area. But did you know that you can also use a coffee table in other ways? It feels perfectly at home at the office, for instance. At KICK Collection, you can choose from a broad collection of coffee tables made with love and care. Regardless of your preferred interior style. And you can count on excellent service and fast delivery.

An eye-catching coffee table

If you like striking coffee tables, KICK Collection is the place to be. You can choose from beautiful models that are sure to be an eye-catcher for your seating area. We always do our best to select models that are slightly different from what you see in many other furniture and interior design shops. Choosing a coffee table from KICK Collection means that there is not the slightest chance that friends, neighbours or family have chosen exactly the same table.

A designer coffee table for your interior

A designer coffee table makes your seating area a nice place to spend time. Whether you do it alone, with your family or with friends. If you want to decorate the seating area in your living room in style, you obviously don't finish it off with a round coffee table that you quickly pick up at a large department store. You should choose a beautiful coffee table that you select with care. After all, you should be able to look at it for years to come. A well-considered choice is then definitely recommended. Choose a nice stylish designer coffee table that you can combine with your current and future sofa or armchairs. After all, these often do not last as long.

A charming coffee table set

Instead of a coffee table, you can also opt for a coffee table set. These consist of two or three tables that match each other perfectly. But you can also put them separately. The tables are usually different sizes, so you can easily combine them with the rest of your interior. It is also very handy to be able to move a table quickly when you have visitors. You can place it next to the sofa, for instance. That way, visitors can get their drink or snack without having to stand up. Ideal for people who are less agile, but apart from that just convenient.

Let your coffee table be the eye-catcher

Many people think that the sofa is the centrepiece of the seating area. And yes, of course it can be. Especially if you choose a sofa in a striking colour. But you can also choose to let your black coffee table play first fiddle. By opting for a striking colour, or, as with the designer coffee tables from KICK Collection, for a special design. Many people take the easy way out when buying a coffee table. A simple model is often good enough. If you think differently, you opt for a beautiful and eye-catching design that leaves an emphatic mark on your interior.

The coffee table in the workplace

A mango wood coffee table also comes into its own in the office. For example, you can place a table by the counter on which you put a stand with photos. Or a nice vase of flowers or a plant. Do you have a seating area where visitors can wait? Then place a coffee table there too. This way, you can offer your visitors a cup of coffee which they can also put down if they want. Here, too, you can put leaflets and other information on the table. In the directors' room, you can make a comfortable seat. That often talks a lot easier than a formal meeting table. If the director wants to schedule a formal meeting then there is bound to be a meeting room available. If you want to place a larger business order, it is advisable to make personal contact about this. That way, good arrangements can be made for delivery.

Coffee tables with an excellent price/quality ratio

The prices for KICK Collection's coffee tables fall in the mid-range in terms of price. But for that you do buy a designer coffee table that is lovingly made in-house. The staff can tell you everything about the furniture you see on the website. You can also view part of the collection at one of the KICK points of sale. An overview can be found on the website. You can make an appointment for a visit. A member of staff will then be present and have all the time in the world to advise you on your purchase.

Maintaining your KICK Collection coffee table

Keeping your KICK Collection coffee table beautiful for as long as possible is not very difficult. They do not require much maintenance. You can clean the table top with a damp cloth. Preferably do not use a cleaning agent. If you have to, choose a product that is suitable for wooden surfaces. Use coasters for glasses and mugs so there are no marks on the wood. If liquid gets on the table, such as from a fallen glass, dab it up immediately with a cloth or napkin. The metal base of your coffee table can also be cleaned with a damp cloth if necessary.

Buying a beautiful coffee table for the perfect interior

Are you looking for a beautiful coffee table to enjoy for years to come? Then shopping at KICK Collection is a treat. Get your fill of exclusive designs made from only A-quality materials. All coffee tables and coffee table sets can be ordered directly online. The delivery time is stated with the item of your choice. You pay no extra shipping costs. Some items are delivered by parcel service. If necessary, you will receive clear instructions on how to assemble them. Would you like more

information or to make an appointment to view the collection on location? Then contact customer service. They can be reached via the online chat. If you leave a message, you will receive a response as soon as possible.